Allotment Information

Check your uniform allotment balance at 800-287-5003.

Allotment Guidelines

If your anniversay date is......after 05/21/2019
Carrier - New $571
Carrier - Veteran $464
CCA (City Carrier Assistant) - New $464
CCA (City Carrier Assistant) - 2nd Voucher $464
Window Clerk - New $222
Window Clerk - Veteran $199
MVS - New $570
MVS - Veteran $463
APWU Work $94
NPMHU Work $179
NPMHU Contract $226
APWU Custodial Maintenance $92
APWU Vehicle Maintenance $168

Please be sure your postal card is activated and check your balance by calling Citibank toll-free at 800.287.5003.

Postal Uniform
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Postal Uniforms Discounters provides Made in the USA Postal Employee uniforms

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Check your postal uniform allowance & anniversary date.
Call: 800.287.5003

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